The Visual Memories

  • Are you having a hard time downsizing and letting go of sentimental possessions like a trophy or comfy armchair?  
  • Would storage costs of keeping sentimental items strain your finances?
  • Do you know the asset value of your organization and how to track it in case of a disaster?
  • Imagine the stress of dealing with an insurance adjuster after a disaster or sorting out an estate without knowing all assets.
  • Space savings and cost reduction in the storage of physical memorabilia.
  • Creation of easily shareable digital records of 3D memorabilia.
  • The capture of critical inventory information assists with insurance claims and asset valuation.
  • Readily available documentation of sentimental and historical items for estate and legacy planning.
  • We photograph and accurately represent your memorabilia in digital form, including portable and oversized 3D items like plaques, trophies, and furniture.
  • We photograph important areas in your home or organization and critical contents for insurance or estate planning. 
  • Services are charged at our standard organizing rate of $65 CAN/ hour.

What kinds of memorabilia are you taking pictures of? 
We take photos of any objects or places in your home that hold sentimental value, like figurine collections, Nativity sets, medals, reading nooks and gardens.  

Why do we bother with taking pictures of memorabilia and household items? 
Having visual proof of your belongings can make things easier when dealing with insurance companies or sorting out an estate. It helps you keep track of what’s essential.

  • Clients maintain copyright of photographs.