The Visual Memories

Are your printed photos scattered around your home – loose or in photo albums, scrapbooks and frames, tucked away in boxes, bins, bags, or envelopes? 

Are you a parent wanting to downsize and pass on the family photo collection to your children? Are you a busy professional who inherited an unorganized photo collection and feels overwhelmed with the idea of photo organizing?

  • Easy image sharing for family, friends and colleagues.
  • High-resolution digital backups for personal photos, memorabilia, and organizational records safeguarding against loss.
  • Convenient digital file access for organization employees.
  • Enhanced image quality.
  • Ability to use scanned photos and slides for photo gifts, photo books, and slideshows.
  • Meet with you to discuss your goals, expectations and schedule. 
  • Pre-scan for dust removal and handle your materials with care using gloves. 
  • Produce high-resolution digital copies of loose prints, and album pages.
  • Digitize memorabilia such as children’s artwork, letters, collectibles, and certificates.
  • Digitize slides and negatives.
  • Perform basic colour correction, cropping, and rotation of images as needed.
  • Title and number images for easy identification.
  • Organize scanned photos with a customized file structure. 
  • Preserve any notes, descriptions, and any historical information attached to photos or albums.
  • Deliver digital images on an external hard drive, or solid-state drive.
  • Photo scanning – Minimum project size is $150
  • Slide scanning – Minimum project size is $200
  • Loose, Printed Photos, Documents, Artwork, Memorabilia:
    › Small format (up to 8.5 x 11) – $0.75 / print
    › Scrapbook pages – $2 – $3 / page
    › Children’s artwork – $1 – $5.00 / item
    › Memorabilia (i.e., documents, newspaper clips, etc.) – contact us for pricing 
  • Negatives & Slides:
    › Negatives – $0.95 per negative frame
    › Slides (standard 35 mm) – $0.95 / slide

How can I access your services on a limited budget?

  • Only provide us with your most important photos/slides for photo scanning. Remove duplicate, out-of-focus, and other ‘bad’ photos.
  • Give us just the negative, slide, or printed photo to scan, not all three.


Which format will the digitized images have?
The choice of format depends on how you’ll use the scanned photos. JPEG is suitable for everyday use and online sharing. If you want top-quality for editing or professional printing, TIFF might be better.

Do you scan black-and-white photos?
Yes, we do.

Can you scan full newspaper pages?
Yes, we do.  

How much storage do I need? 
It depends on the number and size of your digital files. Different file formats vary in size (i.e. JPEGs are smaller than TIFF or RAW files.) 

What do I do with my scrapbooks?
We can scan your scrapbook pages and create a hardcover or softcover book.

Can other items of value to me, including letters, recipes, kids’ artwork, and certificates, be scanned?
Absolutely. We can scan those, too.

  1. We always return the originals.
  2. We need a release from the photographer to scan copyrighted images. 
  3. All photo scanning is done in our studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
  4. We provide high-resolution images (minimum 600 PPI for printed photos, 4000 PPI for slides and negatives).
  5. We cannot fix blurry or out-of-focus images. 
  6. Additional services (i.e. removal of photos from frames or albums, sorting and curation, addition of keywords and facial recognition, extensive color correction, and cropping) are billed at the standard organizing rate of $65 CAN/hour.
  7. Storage supplies are charged separately without any markup.