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Photo Restoration

Do you have photos damaged by liquids, mold, or mildew? Are some of your old photos fading, yellowing, cracking, or peeling?

Are you wondering if photo restoration could help avoid losing those priceless memories forever?

  • Enhanced image quality. 
  • Easy image sharing for family, friends and colleagues.
  • Preservation of important pieces of organizational or family history.
  • Easy duplication and storage of important family records, and reduced risk of loss.
  • Assess the nature of the damage (i.e., discoloration, tears, scratches).
  • Create a high-resolution digital copy of the damaged photo.
  • Repair the damage digitally.
  • Provide you with a digital copy of the restored image and a printed copy if requested.
  • Pricing depends on the severity of the damage. Please contact us for an estimate.

Can I provide a scanned/digital copy of the photograph, or must I provide the original?
We prefer to scan the original photo ourselves to ensure the best quality of the final, restored digital copy.

Do you provide a free estimate before starting the restoration?
We assess the damage and give you an estimate.

Do you offer guarantees or revisions if I’m unhappy with the results?
Yes, we do.

Can I have my photos restored for a photo book?
Yes, you can. Production of the photo book will have an additional cost.

  1. We always return the original photos after photo restoration.