The Visual Memories

  • Are you stressed by the time and effort it takes to find your digital photos?
  • Do you need more storage space for your photos?
  • Are you concerned about losing important photos and documents?
  • Would you like a simpler way to find and share visual records?
  • Easy-to-use photo and records library for seamless growth and maintenance.
  • Quick access to digital photos and videos, saving time and simplifying sharing.
  • Reduced storage needs and cloud costs.
  • Easy creation of slideshows, photo books, and other gifts.
  • Creation of a visual legacy for future generations.
  • Meet with you to discuss your goals, expectations, and schedule.
  • Conduct an inventory of ALL your digital photos and videos. 
  • Consolidate digital photos from various sources (i.e. laptops,  CDs, DVDs, smartphones, memory cards, and cloud platforms) to one central location.
  • Remove duplicates. 
  • Organize digital photos and videos into a logical structure for easy browsing.   
  • Enhance searchability with facial recognition and keywords. 
  • Correct capture dates.
  • Set up a secure backup system.
  • Provide guidance for navigating and maintaining your new digital photo collection.

Services charged at our standard organizing rate of $65 CAN/ hour.

How can I access your services on a limited budget?

  • Decide how you want your digital photos organized (i.e. by theme, by year, etc.).
  • If you are comfortable with technology, copy your digital photos and videos to a central location and provide us with a copy for digital organizing.


Can I use an old hard drive that I have for the final organized collection?
We only use new hard drives or solid-state drives to ensure the security of your newly organized digital photo and video collection. With your approval we’ll purchase the recommended storage for your project at cost, without any markup.

Can you recommend a good external drive?
When choosing an external drive, Consider storage capacity, speed (for SSDs), durability, and any special features you may need. Reliable brands include Western Digital (WD), Seagate, Samsung, LaCie, and Toshiba.

Could you organize my photos directly in my Apple photo library?
Yes, we can.

Can you organize the photos at my home?
We prefer working in the office as it’s more efficient for us.

  1. We never delete client images. We remove duplicates, or poor quality photos and place them in a ‘Duplicates’ folder for you to decide if you’d like to keep or delete them.
  2. Keyword additions, facial recognition, colour correction, and cropping of digital photos are billed at the standard organizing rate of $65 CAN/hour.
  3. Storage supplies are charged separately without any markup.