Distilling The Visual Memories

  • Is hunting for your print photos causing stress due to the time and effort involved?
  • Are your photos taking up too much space?
  • Are you concerned about print photos deteriorating and memories being lost?
  • Are you downsizing and unsure how to pass on your family photo collection?
  • Are you a busy professional and want to organize print photos you’ve inherited from your parents?
  • Are you wasting time searching for improperly stored pictures at your organization?
  • Quick and easy access to the right family & corporate photos when you need them.
  • Organized photo records can demonstrate compliance with a company’s audit / legal requirements.
  • Protection from physical deterioration with archival storage in an appropriate location(s).
  • Decluttered storage space and additional space freed up.
  • Meet with you to discuss your goals, expectations, and schedule
  • Conduct an inventory of ALL your print photos and organizational records.
  • Assess the condition of photos and records.
  • Develop a customized organizing plan for you, your family, or your organization.
  • Organize print photos and other records systematically.
  • Offer secure long-term storage solutions.
  • Services are charged at our standard organizing rate of $65 CAN/ hour.

How can I access your services on a limited budget?

  • Gather all print photos in one place.
  • Separate loose photos from those in albums, scrapbooks, frames, etc.
  • Record important information from the albums on the back of the photos.
  1. Albums are not reassembled after photos have been removed and organized.
  2. Photos are not returned to their frames. 
  3. All organizing is done in our studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  4. We never dispose of any images – everything is returned to the client.

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