Books & Slideshows Design

Bringing It All Together

Are you seeking to celebrate a loved one’s milestone or life by showcasing their accomplishments and impact on others in a slideshow but need help integrating photos and video clips?


25 cm x 35 cm
50 or 100 pages


› Legacy video production
› Using old videos of individual

  • Preservation of memories that might otherwise fade over time. 
  • Creation of a personalized and heartfelt tribute, capturing the unique essence of a loved one’s life story. 
  • Meet with you to discuss your slideshow’s purpose, style preferences, structure, and the timeline.
  • Create an outline according to the purpose and audience.
  • Collect the material (i.e. photos, video, text for captions) and select background music.
  • Edit photos and videos if necessary
  • Produce slideshow, provide you with two drafts for your feedback, and make any necessary revisions.
  • Publish the slideshow in the format of your choice.

Slideshow pricing is based on many variables including the number of images and video / audio clips, the duration of the show, the selected music, etc. Please contact us for an estimate. 

Can I share the photos and receive a copy of the slideshow online?
Yes, you can.

  1. Enjoy unlimited movie and slideshow uploads to the Projector TV app with an annual subscription fee of $129.99 USD/year. There is no storage limit, and friends and family can access shared files for free.
  2. We offer optional photo selection and scanning services for an additional cost.