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Bringing It All Together

Do you have captivating life stories behind your photos and memorabilia that would fascinate your children and grandchildren but you need personalized assistance to bring them to life?


25 cm x 35 cm
50 or 100 pages


› Legacy video production
› Using old videos of individual

  • Preservation of  memories that might otherwise fade over time.
  • Provision of a tangible connection between different generations.
  • Emotional healing for family members who have lost a loved one.
  • Inspiration, wisdom and life lessons for future generations.
  • Meet with you to discuss the legacy book purpose, style preferences, format, and timeline.
  • Collect relevant material (i.e. photographs, letters, recipes, documents, etc.).
  • Conduct interviews to gather your stories, anecdotes and personal reflections.
  • Design the legacy book and share with you two drafts for feedback, and make any necessary revisions.
  • Print one or more copies of the book, and deliver them.
  • Legacy book pricing is based on many variables including the number of interviews required, layout, book size, number of pages, type of cover, paper quality, etc. Please contact us for an estimate.

How can I adapt this to fit within my tight budget?
Select the photos and scanned images of other memorabilia you want to include in the book, and ensure the images have good resolution for printing purposes.

Ensure you have your story’s final copy before submitting it to us.

  1. We can select and/or scan photos for an additional cost.