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Do you miss flipping through your old photo albums and reminiscing about the good old days?

Are you looking for a convenient and creative way of presenting and enjoying your photos anytime and anywhere without the limitations of an electronic device?


25 cm x 35 cm
50 or 100 pages


› Legacy video production
› Using old videos of individual

  • Creation of a tangible keepsake free from the constraints of electronic devices.
  • Preservation of your memories for the long term, protecting them from damage or loss due to electronic failures, natural disasters or changes in technology.
  • Photo books serve as tools to stimulate memories, encourage conversation, and provide emotional comfort to people with dementia.
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss goals, style preferences, format and timeline for your photo book.
  • Edit photos including colour enhancement, cropping as needed, and removal of any imperfections.
  • Design and share with you two drafts of the photo book for feedback, and make any necessary revisions. 
  • Print one or more copies of the book, and deliver them.
  • Photo book pricing is based on many variables including the layout, type and size of the book, number of pages, type of cover, paper quality, amount of text, etc. Please contact us for an estimate.

Can I include personalized captions or text for my project?

How many design revisions are included?
There are two revisions included in the project.

  1. We can select and/or scan the photos for an additional cost.

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