Writing Your Life Story Two Pages at a Time

  • Have your ever thought about writing a book about your life? 
  • Embark on an eight-week journey through the pages of your own life story. 
  • Be part of an immersive experience that guides you through the art of storytelling, with no writing experience required.
  • You’ll craft your story in bite-size, two-page increments, making the journey insightful and doable. 
  • This program offers much more than writing. It’s a guided exploration of your unique experiences, memories, and the lessons learned. 
  • Our program provides a supportive and structured environment led by a skilled facilitator to help you unlock the richness of your personal narrative.

Who can participate

Any adult 18 and older.


Eight weeks.
One (1), two-hour session per week.

Where and When?

Online and in-person sessions.

Skills required

Ability to write with a pen/pencil or with a computer.

How can I participate if I am outside the Edmonton area?
We offer virtual sessions throughout the year via Zoom. 

What is the format of the program?
This is a small group program accommodating up to six participants at a time. It comprises eight, two-hour sessions during which participants write stories and give and receive constructive feedback.

What is the time commitment beyond the weekly sessions?
Your commitment to the program is flexible and depends on your desired level of involvement.

  1. Sessions are typically scheduled for early evenings on a fixed day of the week (Monday – Saturday).
  2. This is NOT a learn-to-write program.

Want More?

Discover our service to create a book where  photos and stories come together to speak about you, your life, and your memories.

Start your journey now!