Photo Organizing

Assessment of the state of your current photo collection
Inventory of photos, negatives, slides and memorabilia
Removal of photos from albums and frames
Sorting and culling of photos
Organization of all material in archival-quality boxes
Assessment of your digital photo & video collection
Transfer of digital files from the cloud, laptops, smartphones, memory cards, flash drives, to a digital hub
Organization of files, including removal of duplicates
Creation of a customized file structure for ease of use
Addition of file names and metadata
Set up of backup solutions
Orientation to your newly organized collection
Scanning of printed photos, negatives, slides, newspaper clippings, children’s artwork, awards, family recipes, letters, photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.
Cleaning, labeling, rotation, and colour enhancement of scanned images
Organization of scanned images in digital folders and/or their integration of into central digital hub


Removing scratches, tears, and other physical damage from photos.
Cleaning up images by removing dust, stains or other imperfections that have accumulated over the years.
Repairing missing parts

Slideshows and Photo Gifts

Building slideshows with photos and videos to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and family reunions.
Designing photobooks that include your family activities for a specific year or trip.
Printing photo gifts like customized calendars, cups, bottles, etc.