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My name is Carmen Carvajal, and I have a passion for all things related to photos, videos, memorabilia, and the stories they hold. 

My love for photography started quite young when my Dad allowed me to take some shots with his very old Agfa Clack camera! Those moments ignited a fire within me for capturing life precious moments.

During my university days, I discovered the magic of black and white photography. It was during this time that I also realized how photos provided needed context and added depth to the stories I wrote for print media.

As I completed my university education, I felt a deep need to know more about my parents’ lives. Sadly, my attempts to interview them yielded little due to their fading memories. However, fate had a surprise in store for me. Years later, while rummaging through a forgotten corner of a closet, I discovered a bag filled with hundreds of photos from my parents’ early years – photos I had never seen before. These images offered a glimpse into their past, but there were still so many untold stories left behind, as my father had already passed away, and my mother’s memory continued to slip away.

This experience inspired me to be more diligent with the organization of my family photos and to educate others on the importance of organizing and preserving their own cherished memories. 

In 2018, I founded Forever Neat, and since then I have been guiding and assisting families in preserving their most treasured memories. It brings me immense joy to witness how a well-organized photo collection rekindles memories and strengthens family bonds.

Let me accompany you on a photo organizing journey to preserve the best memories of your life. 

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation and tell us about your organizing goals, so that we can discuss the best ways to achieve them.

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