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After completing her undergraduate studies, our founder became increasingly aware of her aging parents’ stories slipping away. Her Mom was in her 70s and her Dad in his 80s. She wanted to capture their life legacy through conversations and questionnaires, but most of their memories had faded away.

When her parents passed away, Carmen found hundreds of their photos forgotten in a closet. The attempt to make sense of photos with unidentified faces and no stories attached is what led her to embark on the heartfelt journey of a photo organizer. She organized her own family photos and has subsequently created photo books to document yearly activities and family trips, gradually building a legacy of family memories. In 2018, she joined The Photo Managers (TPM) and became a certified photo organizer.

Carmen’s longing for her parents’ untold stories fuels our passion to help clients build their legacy while memories are still fresh. We’re here to help you organize your life’s memories, record pivotal chapters of your journey, and impart your wisdom to future generations.

In a world where people frequently move and put down roots in foreign lands, life stories are often lost, and new generations may be deprived of a priceless family legacy. Carmen believes it’s our responsibility to preserve this legacy.

Welcome to Forever Neat Inc.
Where your story lives on and will be forever cherished.

Our Vision

To be a photo organizer that empowers communities, families, individuals, and organizations to weave their narratives, connecting generations and enriching lives through the timeless bonds forged by visual records and life stories.

Our Mission

To transform the visual, oral, and written life memories of families and businesses into meticulously organized and well-documented photo collections that are safe from loss, easy to access, search, expand, share, and enjoy.

The Values We Stand For

Our Team

Edmonton Photo Organiser

Carmen Carvajal, M.A.


I was born in Colombia, and relocated to Canada after earning a Master’s degree in Communications at the University of Quebec in Montreal. My fascination with people’s life stories and cultural traditions has been a driving force since my youth, inspiring my journey across borders and my current work as a photo organizer. I love helping my clients make sense of their photos, preserve them, and share their precious memories with their loved ones.  I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta, alongside my husband, daughter, and our Shih Tzu.

I find joy in life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s strolling through my neighborhood, hiking in the Rockies, or capturing nature’s beauty with my camera, each moment enriches my soul and fills my heart with gratitude.

Greg Thiessen, MBA, P. ENG., CSAP


Born in Ontario, Canada, I pursued my studies at McGill University, where I earned degrees in Engineering, Political Science and Business Administration (MBA). With extensive experience in managing and improving processes, I have developed a keen eye for efficiency and innovation. My ability to connect with others and foster meaningful partnerships has been a cornerstone of my success. Diversity of ideas and approaches to work creates more value for everyone.

My passion for photography stems from my experiences hiking in national parks across Canada and discovering the unique beauty of nature and wildlife. Photography provides an outlet to express my creativity distinct from my technical and business background. Working in photo management allows me to preserve the memories captured in my photos.